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The end of the day… 

So a few months ago I put myself on a self imposed face wipe ban. 

I, like most woman, love make up. Over the last few years I started building a pretty extensive make up range. 

But with loving make up comes looking after my skin. I was very lucky in my teen years and really never suffered from bad skin. As I entered my 20’s I started getting the occasional breakout. So I’ve really upped my skin care routine, especially recently. So here is a quick insight into my night time routine…. 

First – in my attempt to stick with my face wipe ban (which is particularly hard when I’m tired or feeling lazy) I’ve been using micellar water. I’ve tried a few but I find that the Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water works best with my skin. A little definitely goes a long way. 

Next – now I’m aware I probably don’t do all this in the right order, but it works for my skin and leaves it feeling incredible afterward and super hydrated. 

I have tried so many moisturisers in the past, but none work quite as well as the Clinique Moisture Surge gel. I can tell when my skin is obviously dehydrated because it just sinks right in. 

Then I move on to eye cream – I used to think eye cream was only for those much older than I am now. But I swear, it’s a god send! I suffer dark undereyes and since adding a good eye cream to my routine I’ve noticed a huge difference. My personal favourite is Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent!

Then, some serum (if I’m feeling fancy). I’ve recently been using Clinique’s Custom Repair serum, after getting it as a gift.

And lastly, probably the single most powerful product in my arsenal – oil!! I have combination skin and I didn’t think oil could possibly be any use but boy was I wrong. 

I’ve been using Clinique’s facial oil, and it’s okay, it does the job – but Dr Jackson’s Natural Products Facial Oil is without a doubt the best product I think I’ve ever used on my skin.

There is a lot to be said about a good skin care routine, not only is my skin healthier and more hydrated but my make up looks better because it’s got a good base. 

We spend a lot of money on make up, but it’s definitely worth investing in good skin care too!!! 

J x


3 thoughts on “The end of the day… ”

    1. Thanks for your comment 😁 I am quite selective about their products because I find most of them too heavy for my face. But I’d always recommend them!
      Aw why thank you!! I was feeling bold, I normally stick to greys, nudes and dark red or black! Fancied a summery change! 😆 xx


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