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What a month so far…. 

Okay, so it’s been a while since I last posted. Not because I didn’t want to or anything but because I have been so busy!!!! 

There’s a sort of sadness over Aberdeen at the moment, barely any companies have been untouched by the drop in the oil price and have spent nearly 2 years struggling. Sadly Aberdeen is highly dependent on business from Oil & Gas, but it’s getting better. I’ve been really lucky so far (touch wood), but with less resources than normal and colleagues moving to new jobs my daily work load just seems to get bigger and more diverse! Which definitely has both benefits and negatives. 

But, I LOVE being busy, I’m not one to enjoy just sitting around – although I do love a good evening binge watching shows on Netflix – and I’ve decided to add something else to my work load. As of next week I’m going to be starting my degree in Business and Management with Marketing through the Open University.

I looked at doing my degree through on of the two fantastic universities we have in Aberdeen, but none offered me the flexibility and the choices that OU could give me. 

I’m slightly worried about how I’m going to juggle work, studying and life in general but I’m also so excited.

I love to learn. Since leaving school 4 years ago, and choosing not to go to university, I’ve spent a lot of time educating myself – in anything and everything really. I’m fascinated by Scottish/British history and can spent hours trawling through the internet learning as much as I can and then telling anyone who will listen to me what I’ve learned. 

Up until now I haven’t worried about what not having my degree would mean for my career, I mean I’m only 22, but I’m really starting to focus on what and where I’d like to be. I am really lucky to be where I am now and I know I have so much to learn but I also know that getting my degree will definitely help me in the future. 

I think it’s really about what you want to do, personally I really enjoy the marketing and communications part of my job. Thankfully the company I work for really saw my potential in these areas but it’s such a degree focused area of work. That’s what sort of pushed me to finally do it. 

Other than my work and my friends, I don’t have anything to tie me down so what better time to do it than now?! 

Other than work I am going to try and have a chilled out week before I get started next week! Wish me luck!

J x


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