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Winter is coming….

Excuse the Game of Thrones reference (sorry, not sorry).

I am a self confessed Christmas/winter addict. I love winter, I don’t think there’s a single thing I dislike about winter.

Autumn is in full swing here in Aberdeen, the city has turned a beautiful colour of red and orange and the pavements have become a death trap of wet leaves but this morning was the first morning that the leaves were frosty and crisp!!


The photo above is from a few years ago, but there are few things that make me feel happier than when the autumn leaves start to crunch under foot because of the frost – except maybe the first snow of winter.

I couldn’t think of anything sadder than living somewhere where winter was warm. There is something so exciting about hoping for a white Christmas – although that so rarely happens in Aberdeen because of the sea air.

Christmas is going to be so much fun this year. We’re celebrating at my dads and his girlfriend and her family are going to be there. More importantly it will be my nephew’s first Christmas this year too!!!! Our Christmas has gone from being a small and quiet day to loads of people and I cannot wait!

Today I got a new pair of boots, a massive winter scarf and leather gloves delivered and I think it’s made my already festive mood even brighter. I don’t normally get excited for winter until Halloween has passed, but this year it’s just making me so cheery.

There’s so many great things about winter – the snow, the cold air, hot coffees/chocolate, winter clothes (mainly cosy jumpers), Parka’s, winter boots, Christmas markets, wintery coloured nails/clothes/make up….

I didn’t get a summer holiday this year, but instead I’ve booked 5 days in Berlin with one of my best friends in the middle of December!! I am so excited for all the Christmas markets, sight seeing and beer….

Anyway, this post hasn’t really had a purpose other than I hadn’t blogged in a while and everyone should know how much I love Christmas/Winter.

J x


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