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Lipsticks make me happy…

Shopping in Aberdeen has never been fantastic, but a couple of years ago we go a MAC store and just yesterday KIKO opened in Union Square too. Black Friday was a fantastic day to open because they’re also running a “buy three, get three free’ deal on their entire product range!

I was Christmas shopping today so I decided to pop in – it was manic!!! But, the dedicated individual that I am I managed to find a few things. So I thought I would sort of review them a little bit.

Firstly, my photography skills are not the best. The lighting in my room isn’t great and front camera’s aren’t exactly the best as it is. Secondly, and more importantly, i have squint lips. Anyone with better drawing skills could probably even them out but unfortunately so me I was not blessed with symmetrical lips.

So, let’s see what I got! The first product I got was something I have been staring at online and I wanted so badly!!! I got the Unlimited Double Touch in shade 106. It’s got a matte liquid lipstick on one end and a clear gloss on the other.

Unlimited Double Touch – Shade 106

This was lovely on, the matt lipstick dries incredibly quickly but isn’t too dry. I am the biggest haters of gloss, but this was thick but not gross. I wore this for a few hours and so far, so good. It wasn’t awful!


Next I got the Kiko Lip Kit in shade 03 – Surreal Mauve. I briefly tried this on earlier and it’s so silky for being a matt formula. I definitely approve. Both the lip liner and the matt lipstick are (obviously an incredibly good match) and at a fantastic price of £15.00 I would 100% recommend. The only downside is that it’s very limited colours which is frustrating if you’re not the biggest fan of pink…

 Kiko Lip Kit – Shade 03 Surreal Mauve

Next, I got two separate products that I’ve combined to make my own make-shift lip kit. First, Ever Lasting Colour Precision Lip Liner in shade 415 which it’s quite a nice pinky/purple colour. Second the Unlimited Stylo – Shade 19 which is a matte formula in a nice dark shade. I love matte lipstick, I can’t help myself I need them all!!

By this point my lips were starting to hurt so I did a bit of a hack job of the lipstick. It has been a consistent -3 to 0 degrees in Aberdeen (Scotland) for the last week and a half which is incredibly unusual for November so my skin and lips are absolutely hating life at the moment.

I got myself the Dark Circle Concealer – Shade 1, which I haven’t tried yet but I will be very surprised if if actually does hide my dark circles!

Overall I’ve been quite impressed with my purchases. Time will tell though. The formulas all feel great on, they aren’t too drying and the coverage is fantastic but we all know that food is the true challenge for lipstick! We’ll just have to see won’t we?


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