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Kat Von D dupe by Makeup Revolution…


Firstly, can I just say that I am actually sitting outside writing this blog post (drinking a cup of tea, because I’m British). I live in Aberdeen, Scotland and it is never warm enough in March to be sat outside in a strappy top with no jumper! Today is the warmest day of the year so far, it’s only a modest 15 degrees celsius, but for the North East of Scotland that’s often how warm our summer days get!!!

Anyway, a few days ago I noticed Kat Von D Instagram slating Makeup Revolution for copying her Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette – which will set you back £37, might I add. I haven’t tried the palette, because I am as guilty of reading reviews as the next person, and I didn’t really feel that the palette was worth the price tag attached. If someone can prove me wrong then I’d love the hear why it’s so great.

I’m definitely not afraid of spending money on make up, I can’t help myself, but I know a lot of people out there can’t afford to spend £37 on eye shadow. I’m aware Kat Von D will have worked so hard to create her palette and frankly you do pay for quality but brands like Kat Von D’s are not affordable to everyone and if an alternative brand can create a similar product that is completely affordable then I don’t see why they should be called out for trying to offer make up lovers on a budget something similar.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 15.46.32.png

When I saw the post on Instagram I didn’t instantly think “OH, I NEED TO GET THAT PALETTE” but while having a snoop in Superdrug today I noticed that the palette had been released, so decided for £8 it was worth picking up. You can get the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade palette online or in store at Superdrug.

Now, we all know that Makeup Revolution love to create low cost versions of other products – most of their palettes are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I stand by calling them dupes, they might be low cost but they are very good quality for the price! I have two of them and will definitely be investing the remaining.


The palette comes in three sections. Each sections has; a base shade, a transition shade, a smokey shade and a highlighting shade. First I swatched each section and I must say that the colour pay of is great. Although, the shadows are quite powdery so I’d definitely advise using small amounts and building up the layers.

It does come with a double ended brush, which I used to try and get a good feel for the palette. I’ll admit, I always throw the brushes away and this one is no exception. It did the job, but it was difficult to work with.

I decided to use the last section, the rust colour in particular, as this one is actually a little different to the colours I’d normally used. I would tend to sway toward the first section.

I primed my eyes with the Makeup Revolution Original Eye Primer (£2.50) to keep some consistency with the products. I’m not the greatest fan of this primer, but it does it’s job.

I am genuinely so impressed with how easily these shades blended out. As I mentioned, they are quite powdery so I used a little shadow each time and built up the colour. I used the warm rust colour as my transition shade before adding the darkest colour to deepen the corner, before blending both under my eyes and smoking out.


A few comments; the brush is definitely going in the bin. I feel the results of this would have been so much better with different tools – a good fluffy brush would have done wonders. The palette has a new formula with no talc and honesty I felt that these shadows are more powdery than the others but it is in no way a bad thing – it just means using less product and building it up.

Overall, I’d say that this palette is more than worth the £8 that it cost and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an alternative to the Kat Von D palette.

I am sure this palette is definitely going to get it’s fair share of use!

J x

p.s I tried, and failed, at lip ombre.


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