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Nails: oh, beautiful nails…


So, something I do religiously and have done for years now is get my nails done. Every third saturday I pop to see the most fantastic lady and let her work wonders on my hands.

There are a number of reasons that I get acrylic nails. Firstly; my real nails are awful! Genuinely awful, the are so soft and brittle which means they don’t really grow and whenever they did they would inevitably break.

Secondly, I cannot stand the sight of chipped nails. It honestly makes me cringe. It’s a constant running joke in my group of friends and people who know me (and my pet hate) will try and hide their hands from me if their nail polish is chipped. Pairing this with the fact I’m pretty lazy and can’t be bothered to re-paint my nails every time one chips means that acrylic nails are the perfect solution for me: long, pretty nails!

I’d say it’s probably been about 4 years now that I’ve been getting my nails done. There have been a  few occasions over the years that I’ve gone without but it rarely lasts long because I miss my nice, strong, pretty nails!

I know there are some people reading this who will probably recoil in disgust and tell me how having acrylics is damaging my nails, killing my nails, I’m poisoning myself with the chemicals or that I’m going to get fungal infections.

Let me debunk a few of these myths for you!

  1. Acrylic nails will damage your nails: actually, it’s people that will destroy your nails. Whether thats a bad technician who poorly applies the nails or whether its the client who decides to rip the nails off themselves rather than correctly having a technician remove the acrylic. Both are just as bad as the other and are the reason for images of bleeding and broken nails that we see all over the internet!
  2. Your absorbing the acrylic liquid chemicals: acrylic mixture should never take more than a few minutes to dry and harden. This doesn’t give enough time for the body to absorb the chemicals in the liquid.
  3. Acrylics cause fungal infections: fungal infections or mould are caused by bacteria, which can be picked up with or without acrylic nails. Regularly washing your hands will prevent any fungal infections.

Also, bonus fact: finger and toenails are made up of keratin – which is a protein made up of dead cells. Nails are dead, which is why they don’t hurt when you cut them!

I’m all for being proven wrong, but when it comes to my nails and the “irreversible damage” that I’m doing, I sort of switch off to the lecture. I wouldn’t do anything to my body that was seriously damaging or bad for my health.

Like most people though, I am guilty of having gone to the wrong places. I’m sure most cities, like Aberdeen, have loads of those nail shops where you don’t need an appointment, you just walk in and take a seat before eventually being seen by someone (who is most definitely from a foreign country), where none of the technicians will barely speak to you for the duration of your nail appointment but that is relatively cheap and most of them do a pretty good job?

For years I went to the same place, pretty much the same place everyone goes, but so often they would break or chip. Having them removed was always a nightmare because the acrylic would go really sticky when trying to remove and take forever, the technicians then always use electric nail files which leave your nails feeling quite raw. All before piling on some tips and more acrylic and sitting for 15 minutes while the polish dries under an air drier.

THEN, a friend of mine recommended that I go the same salon as her! It costs me twice what I was paying before, but I can honestly say it is one of the. best. decisions I’ve made. Not only because the quality is far better, but the woman is also a genius and my nails are always beautiful.

So we actually see two different people, although both are amazing!!! I go to Miracle Nails by Bogi and my friend see’s Sparkle Nails by Ago (who the shop is named after!). Both ladies are so fab, they’re Hungarian and they work wonders on nails!


I’m a little indecisive so I swap shapes quite regularly but recently I’ve been sticking with quite a short coffin shape. Every time I get my nails done I love them more than the time before (the collage above isn’t in chronological order by the way). I got them done again on Saturday, this time was no exception to the rule – I love them!!!


My appointments last roughly an hour and a half an I can safely say it’s the most relaxing hour and a half of my month and although I’ve been getting them done for so long now I still class them as a treat to myself each month. My one little luxury and I’m sure it’s not a luxury I’m going to stop any time soon!

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