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Self Care, what does it mean to you…

So, this post is a little different than the last few I’ve done.

Recently I’ve realised that I really need to take better care of myself, not just physically, but mentally. It can be really easy to forget about our mental health and not give ourselves the care and attention that we need.

I am a really busy person. Between working full time, studying part time and attempting to have a social life days can sort of pass me by really quickly. Without going into detail, recently I had a bit of a scare and realised that I really needed to figure out what makes me happy and how to fit those things into my schedule to ensure that I was always giving me…. me time.

That’s partly why I’ve been making a conscious effort to blog more.

I am a scarily organised person and in true spirit my “Secret Santa” got me a beautiful, very me, diary for my Christmas. Not only do my plans go into my phone calendar but they also go in my diary, which lives in my handbag. I’ve been planning blog posts and putting them in my diary to really motivate me to take the time to write.

I love skin care and make up, so it makes sense that writing about that is relaxing to me. I love taking the time to put my thoughts and experiences down in words and every time my phone makes that cute little noise to tell me someone has liked one of the posts I’ve put on here I genuinely get really excited. So definitely expect more from me – and keeping liking my posts, it makes my day!!

I also LOVE reading. Now, I’m not one to make New Year Resolutions because I am so unlikely to stick to them. This year though I set myself a task to read at least one book each month for pleasure. I read a lot for work and uni, but I wanted to make a serious effort to fit in reading time for myself.

By the end of January it was already going badly. I had spent 16 hours (over two trips) traveling to Manchester and this should have been ample time to finish reading Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” – which by the way is hilarious – but between napping and chatting I only got about half way through. So fast forward to the middle of February. I had submitted my uni assignment and decided that before I do anything else I was going to run myself a bath and read until I finished.

It was the best hour and a half I spent that month. I came out looking like a wrinkly prune and I had to run extra hot water into my bath, but I was so relaxed by the end of it. Candle on, Kindle in hand and a glass or two of wine (I can’t be the only one who takes the bottle for top ups?).

For me, when it comes to self care or looking after myself its often the little things. It’s maybe spending an hour playing around with make up products. Spending an evening just reading a good book or catching up on TV programmes. Or even just cooking a big meal on a Sunday. It’s really about taking the time away from my hectic mind to only think about one thing for a while.

I’m not good at sitting around, it sort of makes me agitated, and my mind is always on the go. Sometimes taking the time to just…. not think, is enough to leave me feeling relaxed or better about certain situations. I think it’s really important to take the time to look after yourself, especially if you’re someone who loves to be busy.

Recently the latest thing I’ve added back into my self care routine is exercise. I forgot how good it made me feel. Over the last year my fitness has lapsed quite a bit and I’ve put on weight, simply because I haven’t really had the time but I’m forcing myself to make the time – even if it’s just to go for a walk on a nice evening.

I’ve been seeing a lot on line recently about self care and looking after yourself mentally. It’s interesting to see what all is out there and I’m planning to try a few different things out, so I’ll maybe report back on here how I’ve been getting on.

What do you like to do to look after yourself? Comment on this post, it would be great to hear from other people!

Speak soon,

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p.s I’m slightly off track as I doubt I’ll finish book 3 by tomorrow, but I’m not too far off! Any book recommendations would also be greatly appreciated.


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