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My obsession: nude lipsticks…


I thought I’d do a relatively quick blog post, but the topic is on one of my favourite things! NUDE LIPSTICK!

In my teens red lipstick (with a blue undertone, I’m not about that orange..) was always my go to. I then ventured into the darker purples and burgundy colours. Don’t get me wrong, those two shades are still some of my favourites but in the last 9-12 months I’ve really taken a liking to nude lipsticks. That’s not to say I’ve only been wearing them this long, but until recently I only ever had one I loved (and it’s still in my top 3!)

There’s a number of reasons for this but I think the main one was that I started to find nude shades that actually suited me. I have a sort of strange colour of skin. In winter I am incredibly pale but as soon as the sun comes out I tan so quickly and well (I have dark hair and freckles, it’s inevitable). I also have a very neutral undertone, so cool tones sometimes make me look washed out and warm tones can look too bright.

I found three different nude lipsticks that suit my skin perfectly and I will not be letting them go any time soon!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate my mug?

First, there is Macs Half ‘N Half Amplified lipstick. This is the lightest of the three, but it is in no way light. Half ‘N Half is creamy pink shade with the loveliest formula. I wear this on it’s own most days because it doesn’t dry my lips out but I also love it on the centre of my lips on a darker shade. The wear of this is great and as it’s an amplified formula the colour pay off is great.

Second, probably my favourite Mac lipstick Ever. Mac’s Whirl. Everyone went wild for this lipstick a few years ago because people found out that Kylie Jenner wore it. I have been a long time wearer of whirl and for good reason. It is beautiful. This lipstick is a “dirty rose” matte formula. The wear on this lipstick is phenomenal and the colour is just perfect for every skin tone!

Lastly, the cheapest of the three but that says nothing about the quality. Another lipstick I’m sure you’ve heard of – NYX Abu Dhabi! This creamy formula is heaven on the lips. It’s matte, like Whirl, but no where near as dry. It’s quite butter on your lips and leaves them feeling great all day. It does need to be topped up, but it doesn’t go cakey (unlike Mac’s matte lipsticks). If I’m not wearing Half ‘N Half I’m wearing this! It really depends on whether I want something lighter or darker that day!

Here are some swatches, I’ve included the names but I’ve also written (above) in order from top to bottom:


What are your favourite nude lipsticks, leave me a comment and let me know?

Good Night,

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