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Nails: April…


Happy Sunday and Happy Easter!! 

It’s the time of the month where I get my nails done again! I recently did a post where I spoke about how I love getting my nails done and where I go – you should take a look.

On Friday I was wrestling with a set of kitchen scales trying to get the battery out (one of those annoying watch batteries) and I accidentally broke a nail! For the first time since I changed technicians I actually broke one! 
I was devastated until I noticed that all I’d actually done was break the corner of acrylic off. My own nail was still intact underneath! As I mentioned in my last post, my nails are awful. They’re brittle and thin! They always have been. But my nail felt strong and I even had to take nail clippers to it before filing it all. 

I didn’t have long to wait to get it fixed though, as I had a nail appointment booked for Saturday afternoon. As usual I had absolutely no idea what I wanted but I have to say I’m surprised at myself!

I stick to nudes, blacks, whites, mauves – very neutral colours – with the exception of greens. Since I started going to Bogi I’ve been so much more adventurous often getting glitter, chrome and even stones but the colours are normally my safe colours. Bogi knows colours to avoid suggesting but otherwise I leave my hands in her safe, and talented, hands. 

On Saturday I sat trawling through all the colours and then one just stood out to me – Copper Rose. That instantly sounds like a colour that is definitely not me but I was so drawn to it. It’s also incredibly spring like! So, we went with it. 

When we got the colour on though that still didn’t help the dilemma of whether or not I was going plain (never going to happen) or not. So, we opted for a stamp. 

I’ve never had stamps on my nails before but my goodness, they are quick and they are effective! I went for a paisley print because, again, I was instantly drawn to it. It felt right! 

My april nails are very girly, simple but beautiful. 

They’re so shiny that getting a good photo of the paisley was really hard, but this was the best I could get on my little iPhone 6s:

Any suggestions of what I should get next time?

Jamee x


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