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Welcome back to my blog and hi if this is your first time here! Nice to meet you!

So, the secret to my hair is… that most of it isn’t real. About 7 months ago now I decided to get micro-ring / micro-loop extensions.

There’s nothing wrong with my natural hair, its incredibly fine but there’s a lot of it. I’ve was born with incredibly dark, basically black, hair and it is very much part of me. Over the years I’ve stayed dark, I’ve gone lighter and I’ve had some wild coloured hair but I always go back to black. I’ve also always kept my hair in very good condition.

I’m lucky, my natural hair is incredibly straight and requires very little work or maintenance – perfect for lazy old me. My hair holds curls incredibly well, it’s easy to style but as it is so straight it can be left natural and still look fine. I’ve never suffered with frizzy hair and honestly, it required layers just to give it some life or texture.

I’ve tried fringes, lots of layers but I found a hair cut that works for me. I don’t really have a parting, my hair does its own thing, so my hair cut is done in a way that allows it to do just that. I get a simple layer – to give it some life, no fridge but a little shaping round my face and keep the length a few inches below my shoulder. Simple as that.

As I say, around 7 months ago I made a decision to get extensions. I had cut far to much off my hair so I wanted some length back and I wanted it to be thicker. As my hair is black extensions have always been quite easy for me, they blend well and the colour is rarely off.

I spent ages researching and getting advise on the best type of extensions to get. I was really conscious about not damaging my hair. As I mentioning, I’ve been blessed with very low maintenance hair. It requires very little to keep it in good condition. I didn’t want to ruin that.

Once I’d decided on the type of extensions I wanted I needed to make a decision on WHO was going to do them. I was aware that my hairdresser – an incredibly woman called Claire – did them at her salon, Junction, but I didn’t want to limit myself to just there.

I came across RS Lengths and following further research decided to go with her. She had an offer on at the time, so that was an added bonus. I found out where she purchased her hair and what grade that hair would be. Hair extensions can be incredibly costly, but it’s rarely the hair that is the most expensive part. A lot of salons charge through the roof for the actual time and service of putting them in.

The process is as follows: first, you’ll have a consultation appointment, where you’ll be shown the hair and the beads, get any information required about having them put in, any after care advice and then have your hair colour matched. For me, that was easy – the darkest shade you’ve got.

Next, the stylist with order the hair and beads before a second appointment to have them put in. This is time consuming – so it is no wonder that it can be very expensive. You’re appointment will probably be around 2-3 hours long, but it’s the perfect time to ask any questions or just drink a lot of tea (remember I’m British).

The hair is inserted in rows along the scalp, quite tight initially. The extensions have a plastic end which is attached to your own hair using a “micro-ring”. These are little metal beads which have a silicon inside which grips to the hair. the beads are then clamps flat with pliers to hold it all in place.

As my hair is black, I get black rings inserted so they blend really well with my hair. Having so much hair also means I can fit a whole 200 extensions in my hair!


As you can see, they’re not massively longer than my own hair – only a few inches – and they are a little more work than my natural hair to keep up.

A few things you need to remember when you’ve got extensions are:

  1. Don’t sleep with wet hair. Make sure the hair around the bonds is completely dry before going to bed.
  2. It’s also best to tie your hair up in a loose ponytail or plait when in bed
  3. Remember to brush your hair every day and separate the bonds – this might be normal to most people but as my hair is so low maintenance I have been guilt on more (far more) than one occasion of not brushing my hair… sometimes for days. This will stop the hair from matting beside the bonds.
  4.  Don’t wash your hair every day – not only is it an effort to dry every time but it will wear down the condition of the hair much quicker.
  5. Get a protein spray, heat protector spray or a serum for after you’ve washed your hair. This will keep your hair is tip top condition!

I was worried that as a low maintenance and lazy person that having extensions would be a bit too much for me, but honestly I’ve found them surprisingly easy to keep. My hair tech was so surprised at how quickly my hair grows so I need maintenance appointments to lift the bond a little more often than most but I’ve toking after them so well that I’m going to get another few months out of my hair before I’ll need to get new extensions.

I’d recommend getting extensions to anyone who wants either; longer hair or thicker hair. Provided you look after them then they are well worth the money! The plus side too, if I can’t be bothered having them down I can pile them on top of my hair and get a big messy bun!

Anyway, this post is quite long now. So I’ll sign off now, but if you’ve got any questions comment below!

Thanks so much,

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