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Chilled Out Sundays…


I am a self confessed Sunday lover. It’s the day for relaxing, for getting my housework done, or seeing family. 

Yesterday, I did just that – relaxed. I’d been celebrating a friends 24th birthday on Saturday. We went to breakout games – completing the hardest escape room in 59:48 seconds! Only 14% of people complete the most difficult room. Here’s us all happy at the end:

We then had a few drinks and played Dobble and Articulate! The best sort of Saturday in my opinion. 

Normally Saturdays are a “no make up” day. I decided to do something a little different. I tried space buns for the first time! I am still not sure how I feel about them, on me that is! 

For my make up I kept my skin simple. I have lots of freckles. The moment the sun comes out the freckles come out in force. So far it’s only April and my freckles are trying their best to make an appearance. 

Sticking with the space theme I opted for green eyeliner and blue mascara! Very different for me, but I was really feeling it! 

My concealer (and an instagram filter) hid my freckles a bit which was sad. Don’t know if I’m rave enough to wear this out the house, but you never know! (Also my eyebrows and I fell out yesterday). 

Anyway, quick post from me today. Do you like space buns? Let me know in the comments!


Jamee x


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