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I’m moving…


May is nearly over and my goodness I can’t wait for it to be done. It’s been a good month but my goodness it’s been busy! So far this month I’ve had:

My friends wedding – 06/05/2017 


Friends of Anchor Courage on the Catwalk event – 07/05/2017


Colin & Nicoles Baby Shower – 20/05/2017


Work has been manic and this week, as the title suggests.. I’m moving! I had to get organised for moving this month and all of a sudden it’s time to move already!

Although, awful timing dictated the my last essay for this Uni module is due on Thursday. I’ve sort of left everything to the last minute, my dad is helping me move most of my stuff this evening. So far I’ve only packed my clothes. I’ve still got two full questions left on my essay to do and I have to literally pack the rest of my stuff.

I have SO MANY blog posts planned but I’ve just not had the time to get any of them done! So once I’m all move and settled in I PROMISE to get some of my super fun idea’s done.

Anyway, I should stop getting distracted and go and pack.


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