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Nails: June…


Okay, so I had a bit of a disaster. For the first time in like a year I BROKE A NAIL! So I’ve not had natural nails for a very long time. I changes my nail technician and the quality of the acrylic is phenomanal and since then I’ve never broken any of my nails.

One day, disaster struck! I was literally only trying to take one of my work drawer key’s off before I went on annual leave and I accidentally managed to sort of…. peel…. my natural nail away from the corner. As you can imagine, I couldn’t leave it alone and eventually later that day I had managed to get the whole nail of acrylic off – super bad I know!

On the plus side though, my nail underneath was so strong!! I needed nail clippers to trim it down. I still had a week before my nail appointment and I couldn’t help myself. I took all of my acrylics off. That is a huge deal for me. I trimmed them all down and painted them nice and bright!


ANYWAY, they are not my June nails… they did last me the whole week (and moving house – well done little nails). I did go a little over the top with my new June nails.

Having painted my own nails red I was feeling the bright summery look. I actually went in wanting a sort of cornflower blue, but unfortunately my nail place didn’t have a colour that I was drawn to. So instead I opted for a darker, but still bright blue.

Also, I can’t just have plain nails. I opted for mermaid glitter, initially on just a few of my nails but because they were so beautiful I ended up with it on them all – and it is the reason why they’re a little over the top.

Excuse the massive bloody blister on my finger – moving injuries..

So, the mermaid glitter is so. hard. to. photograph!! So I just took another quick picture on my phone. I’ve also been cleaning my new flat all evening so my hands and cuticles look a little dry.


This glitter is the type that changes colour in different lights. I am LOVING these.

Because my acrylics were done with foils rather than just on top my my natural nails I’m finding these a little chunky/wider than I would like, but I’m sure as my natural nails grow out they’ll get a bit better.

What’s your monthly treat?

Hugs and Kisses,

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