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Face: Garnier Moisture Bomb…


I have shocking amounts of skin care. I just love it. I have tried so many different kinds of moisturisers and I still remember the first time I tried the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel moisturiser. It was an absolute dream for my skin. From then on I kept trying other gel formula’s but there were never as good.

I was watching Laura Lee’s youtube channel – because she is my favourite – and she mentioned Garner Moisture Bomb Night Cream in a video and I was so intrigued. One HUGE bonus, it is only £7.00 for 50ml – it’s actually on sale, and I got it, for £5.25 in Superdrug at the moment.

When I was looking for it I noticed that Superdrug were also selling the Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask as well – for £1.99 (£2.99 full price) – so I decided to pick one up. After a super hectic week I decided to do the mask last Friday in preparation for a heavy alcohol day on Saturday. I’ve included some super funny photo’s below because sheet masks always make me feel like an alien.


This mask has so much serum, but I will say when you take the mask out of the packaging it leaves behind a lot of product and that I feel is sort of a waste.


This was super easy to put on BUT I will say the eye… holes… are in a super awkward place. I don’t think that my eyes are particularly long or too far apart but I had to lie down with this on because it was sitting right in the corner of one of my eyes. It was making my eyes water quite badly.

When I took the mask off after 15 minutes I rubbed the serum into my skin and left it for a while to sink in. I decided not to apply moisturiser or oil before I went to bed so I could really get a good idea of what it did for my skin and damn, I did not need to worry!

When I woke up my skin felt so plump and it looked amazing. I took a picture basically as soon as I woke up, so my hair (and eyebrows) are a little unruly.


I’ve been suffering with hormonal spots on my chin at the moment, but if I’m honest I actually think that this mask seemed to help take down the swelling and they looked so much better by morning.

Overall, my verdict on this sheet mask was A-MAZ-ING!!! I will definitely be picking up a few more of these. It was such a nice way to pamper myself and my skin thanked me for it – even the next day of day drinking… in a field.

You can get the mask here – 

What are your favourite sheet masks?

Hugs and Kisses,

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