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Fake Tan…

Hi Guys!!

So, I scheduled some posts and managed to post three times in one week and then last week I was so busy I didn’t manage to post at all. Looks like scheduling posts is probably a good idea for me…

Anyway, today is my best friends birthday (but unfortunately I’m not seeing her) but it’s another one of our friend birthdays on the 26th so we’re having a BBQ and a wee party to celebrate today. It’s also my birthday on Thursday, although if I’m honest I’m not overly excited. It gets a little boring when you’re an adult.

The weather in the North East of Scotland has not been as fantastic as the rest of the UK. Of course, we’ve had sunny spells but it has rained SO. MUCH. I mean, the rain has been crazy. It’s genuinely like someone turned on a tap. It doesn’t always particularly last very long but it’s so heavy. So unfortunately, I haven’t really tanned very much.

I am really lucky, I tan really easily. I have freckles and super dark, natural, hair. I rarely burn but even if I do (accidentally of course) I wake up the next day with a nice tan.

I really fancied being more tanned than the little tan I’ve already got, so last night I spent my Friday evening being super boring; i painted my toenails, caught up with the last 4 episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians and then fake tanned before being asleep by 11:30…

I used a different fake tan than usual. I normally use the St. Moriz Professional Self Tan Mousse Dark 250ml, this stuff is only £4.99 and its a tried and tested favourite. I have been using this for years because it so inexpensive but it performs so well.

BUT! For my Christmas I got a St Tropez cracker that has a tanning mit and a mini bottle of the St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (50ml). I honestly don’t think I would purchase the full price, full size bottle because I don’t think it’s really any better than my St. Moriz one.


I’ve used this twice now and there’s still some left after I used it last night. I haven’t actually washed it off yet while I’m writing this, so I’ll add an update later. Putting it on is as easy as you’d image. Mousse tanning products are my favourite because they’re so simple, they work well and they dry down really quickly.


So, I know a lot of people struggling with their hands and feet when they fake tan. I only can’t say I’m perfect but my little trick that seems to work is that I actually only tan to my fingers… but the best trick is to moisturise your hands first so that they don’t go all patchy. That trick also works for your knees and your elbows.

The reason I only go as far as my fingers is because your hands are a place you obviously wash the most often. You get quite a nice gradient from your fingers to your wrist rather than it just going from tanned to white.


This tan says on the bottle that it’s “natural” which at the time when I was putting it on I thought was probably true because it went on really light but I actually think this develops really well. Again, I think my St Moriz one is better – and it smells less like cake or biscuits.

I suppose the true test of this tan will be after it’s washed off. How do you wash your tan off? I use exfoliating gloves lightly across my skin because you can buff out any streaks or lines.

The one thing that I would say about this that was great – although may just be that I’m forcing my skin to be really good – but this didn’t cause me to get any spots!! Normally when I tan I (obviously exfoliate my face really well) but I still get some spots around my chin but – touch wood – so far so good!

Whats your favourite tanning products?


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