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Makeup Hack; Cleaning a Beauty Sponge in the Microwave…

Hi Guys,

Like me, you’ve probably seen a hack going round the internet for cleaning your beauty sponge in the microwave.

I HATE cleaning my beauty blender. I am lazy and if a hack can help me clean it with ease and save me time then I am all for it. Unfortunately though, I’ve never found anything that works. I then saw this hack using your microwave, washing up liquid & a cup of water and I so desperately wanted it to work.

First, I took a jug and places my three blenders in it. I’ll take about the brand of each further down this post. Next, as instructed, I added water. You need to ensure that the blenders are all damp – if not you risk them catching fire. Then added some washing up liquid.

Apparently – 1 minute in the microwave and they should be clean.

Okay, so maybe I was doing something wrong. Two minutes later they still looked exactly the same as they went in. So, I decided to each separately, with less water. All I did was burn my hand on the water. Below is how each turned out after 2 minutes together and a further 2 minutes on their own, plus some squeezing out with running water.

This is the BBeauty Sponge. This sponge is latex free and currently available for £3.29 at Superdrug. It’s one of my favourites. I’d cleaned this about a week before I tried the microwave hack and as you can see… it’s definitely not clean.

The other two sponges are from a set I picked up in New Look. The 2 pack of sponges are very different from one another…

Lets talk about the one I dislike. The black sponge. This doesn’t really expand in size, it’s incredibly hard and I don’t think it blends foundation well. I did find one thing it’s great for. When used dry, it is fantastic for packing on power to bake under the eyes.

I actually think this hack made them look worse. It seemed to make the translucent power on the sponge turn orange and it was in no way clean. You can see from the image I use one side more frequently than the other. You can also see that this sponge doesn’t grow much in size.

The second is the pale pink and it definitely increases in size when dampened. It’s actually a really good sponge; it’s texture and size is great. Again, this hack didn’t work on it. It stayed just as dirty as it was before.

I’ve possibly done something wrong. Did this hack work for you? If it did comment below and let me know what I’m doing wrong because if this could work I think it would be a great and easy hack to quickly clean your sponges.


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