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I cut all of my hair off…

Okay, so I definitely didn’t cut off all my hair, but it feels like it.

I am one of the most conservative people when it comes to my hair because I’ve been cutting it the same way for years and always have it long. Last time I decided to cut heaps of it off, very spur of the moment, I hated it and ended up getting extensions. Read about that here.

This was somewhat spur of the moment. I’ve been seeing so many people cutting their hair shorter, and I’ve been getting such bad hair envy. Particularly, Jamie Genevieve’s hair. Now I know she has extensions to make her short hair thicker, but I definitely don’t need thickness.

My hair is naturally super straight – you’ll see in the before picture below, as my hair had been air dried in it – and although it’s very fine, I have a lot of it.

While I was away at the weekend, I was just sick of my hair. I’ve needed it cut, and I decided that that was it, I was cutting a good chunk off.


You can see in the before shot, my hair is super long, but the ends had become quite thin. I last had it cut in November and honestly, wasn’t that happy with it because it didn’t have as many layers as I’d have liked. So when it get’s as long as it was it just sort of, hangs.

Also, my hairdresser is currently on maternity leave, so both my last haircut and my most recent have been done elsewhere. This time definitely went better than the previous.


I don’t know about anyone else, but do they hate their hair when it’s curled by hairdressers? Part of my problem is that they always used GHD’s or another rounded hair straightener and I don’t like the curls that it gives me. They’re always too big, and I find they don’t last well in my hair. Personally, I prefer a flat straightener with a rounded edge to them, so I was excited to style my hair today.

The after photo also don’t really do it justice as to just how much I cut off. In the end, it as about 7 inches of hair that I got rid of and I LOVE it. I never thought I would say that, but at the moment (a whole day later) I’m so glad I just took a leap and did it. I was even tempted to get more cut off – but baby steps.

This evening I decided to style it myself and curling it was harder than I thought. Only because I only usually curl the ends and suddenly those ends weren’t there. I definitely prefer it now I’ve curled it the way I prefer. I used an actual curling wand, which is not like me at all but I love how much volume it’s given my hair.


The curls are much softer and more natural. This sort of curl also lasts a lot longer in my hair too which is nice, because I won’t need to do it again tomorrow!

I’m sure others can relate, but for such a long time I really hated the hairdresser. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me. It was stressful, it never turned out how I wanted it, and then I just stuck with a very basic cut and style that I was comfortable with.

That’s definitely changed a lot in the last couple of years since finding a hairdresser that I love and trust, and I can’t wait for her to come back from maternity leave, but I would say that yesterday was up there with one of the best experiences I’ve had at the hairdresser – so I know I’ve definitely got a perfect back up.

I think I’ll be keeping the short hair for a while!

Have a great weekend. Hugs and Kisses,

Jamee xx


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