Change is coming

I am terrible at sticking to New Year’s Resolutions but instead, I like to set myself some goals. For the last couple of years, I’ve set myself a goal to read at least one book a month. I do this pretty easily, so this is definitely something I’ll continue to do this year.

Last year’s goals were pretty big. I wanted a new job, working in a marketing agency, and that was something that at the end of September I achieved. I started working for a really high-profile agency in Aberdeen. My client base is mainly oil and gas, but I’m building a portfolio that also includes the hospitality and soon, the third sector.

Since starting there, I love my job again. My last job offered me the opportunity to really grab the bull by the horns, but when you work in-house you’re only working with one “client” and the work can often get very samey. I learned so much in that role, but since moving I’ve continued to learn and grow. My writing is getting stronger, my knowledge of the industry I work in is getting more in-depth and I love working with so many different people.

My advice to anyone who wants a career in marketing and PR is to work for an agency. The contacts and experience you’ll gain are invaluable.

So, I achieved one major goal for 2018 and it got me thinking, what do I want to achieve this year? I don’t want to set myself 10 goals when I can only achieve one, so I’ve spent this month thinking hard about what I want to do.

This blog is definitely something I want to put more focus and love into. I’ve struggled quite a bit on finding what it is that I love and how I can use the skills that I have to really create something that’s meaningful to others. I’ve half-arsed it up until this point, but I think I’m starting to gain some clarity.

There’s so much beauty advice out there online, but often it’s either in the form of poorly written explanations – that doesn’t really explain anything – or it’s overcomplicated and complex. The beauty industry is diverse and so are people. I want to create a space that talks about the things that we’re really interested in knowing more about. In breaking it down and creating an easy to understand environment where people can learn.

I want to talk about things that are local to me, and then hopefully further afield. Whether that’s local businesses or people. To create a space that people can come to, to educate themselves and have their questions answered. I don’t just want to talk about things that I love or that only relate to me, because I’m just one person, with one specific skin type or hair type. I want to learn and help others learn or find themselves here to.

I think there may be a bit of a rebrand coming, but I’ve sort of hit a bit of a wall with that but I’m working on some really exciting posts and getting some expert advice to accompany them.

I can’t wait to share this with you. To keep up to date, be sure to follow my Instagram –

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


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